Staff vs. Student Basketball Fundraiser Thursday, March 21 st 6pm

Staff vs. Student Basketball Fundraiser
Thursday, March 21st 6pm-9pm
Important Facts
 Adults $5; Students $3; Gates open at 6pm
 Every paid admission receives 1 raffle ticket
 Many prizes raffled throughout game, such as iTunes
gift cards; Grand Prize is Apple iPad Mini
 Food Truck w/ kid-friendly hamburgers/hot dogs and
Wiki Ice
 Hawks Landing open with plenty of snacks
 Band performance at 6:30pm
 Cheerleader/Teacher performance at halftime
 Silent Auction with fabulous items, including
Lakers tickets, Big Bear vacation package, VIP
seats/parking to 8th grade promotion, gift baskets
 Staff and Student Team Shooting Competition
 Select Talent Show performers
 Plenty of parking behind gym
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