2105-16 Superintendent Responses to Questions from the Public

2015 Superintendent Draft LCAP Question Responses
1. How can we continue working with all personnel at the schools to be
friendlier, this includes the office staff and bus drivers?
Our District is committed to building the capacity of all our staff members.
In the 2015-16 LCAP we have dedicated funds to build the capacity of all our
support staff in the District. We will be planning training for all our support
2. What support is available for students who are at the average academic
level so their grades do not fall?
Elementary classrooms in the District provide students with universal access
time that allows students to receive academic support if they are falling
behind. This academic time also allows students to reinforce their skills or
enrich their skills as needed.
3. How can we make preschool four hours instead of three?
The State Preschool program is well defined. If more time is added to the
preschool day, students must have nap time and more play time. The
District has determined that three hours is academically efficient and
4. How can we decrease the amount of students in a classroom?
Classrooms in the elementary grades average 24 students in preK- grade 3.
In grades 4-8 student averages are 30 students per classroom. These are
very good student averages. In order to decrease student numbers in the
classrooms we must employ more teachers and divert funds from other
areas to reducing class size.
5. Why isn’t there a bus running from Cutler to Orosi?
The transportation regulations say high school students can walk up to two
miles to school. From Cutler to Orosi students walk less than the two miles.
The District does not have the resources to run buses daily from Cutler to
Orosi for high school students.
6. Is it possible to replace older portable classrooms in schools?
The District is working on a facility plan to determine how school growth
will be handled. In this plan the District will also determine how to replace
old portable classrooms.
7. The District has gone to Fontas and Pinnell testing for K-2. This testing
program is at a much higher level. The materials that are being used,
books sent home, are Rigby and are not aligned. There is not a reading
program for K-only an inefficient and frustrating testing program.
Our new California Standards have forced us to take a close look at how
well our students read and how well we are teaching reading across the
District. Through a Reading Task Force, teachers have determined to align
all District reading assessments to Fontas and Pinnell and this task force has
informed teachers of reading benchmarks and transfer of reading levels
from Rigby to Fontas and Pinnell. All schools have had full access to funds
for more leveled readers.
8. How is maintaining facilities an additional service on the LCAP?
One of the State priorities is “Conditions for Learning” which addresses all
the facilities Williams Compliance issues. The State expects districts to meet
all requirements of the Williams Settlement and LCAP funds can be used for
this State Priority.
9. How can we get better science facilities for the middle school?
The District is working on a facility plan to determine how school growth
will be handled and where additional facilities are needed. In this plan the
District will determine science lab needs.
10. How can we continue to offer parent education programs like PIQE?
The District is committed to continue providing parent education in all the
schools. PIQE is one of the parent education programs the District has
budgeted for next school year. LCAP funds have allowed the District to
provide parent education courses throughout the District.
11.Is there any way students can do physical education in the morning? It is
too hot in the afternoon and I have seen farmers spraying while students
are running at the school.
Elementary teachers usually conduct physical education in the afternoon
because core subjects are taught in the morning when students are alert.
Physical Education teachers are trained to be aware of air quality when
assigning physically demanding exercise.
12. How can we have a health care provider at each school?
Next school year we will be securing enough health care providers (nurse
aides) to have one at each school site. The District will also have a District
Nurse and an LVN to support student health needs.
13. How can we provide additional security for students after school at Orosi
High School?
Through LCAP fund, the District has budgeted for an additional security
person at OHS to provide school security through the evening hours.
Additionally, the District secures a Resource Officer through 4:00 p.m.
14. How can the District support organizations like HOSA so students can
compete at conferences?
The District has secured financial support for organizations like HOSA and
MESA. Students will be supported in these activities.
15. How can parents get more training about the new California Standards?
Each school provides parents with monthly educational sessions for parents.
These meetings provide parents with information about how the new
California Standards have changed.
16. The District is offering the Family Latino Literacy Program, is there any
way other literature can be offered other than Latino literature?
The director who is in charge of the parent education in the District is
working with the company to provide other literature offerings. The goals
of the Latino Literacy Program is to teach parents how to use any and all
types of literature to develop reading skills with their children.
17.Is there any way we can keep class reduction for 7th and 8th graders at El
Culter School, Golden Valley School and El Monte School have enjoyed class
size reduction for many years due to the Quality Education Investment Act
(QEIA). The 2014-15 School year is the last school year for this grant and it
will no longer be funded. In order to decrease student numbers in the
classrooms we must employ more teachers and divert funds from other
areas to reducing class size.
18. Is there a way parents can be invited to the El Monte School recognitions
and perhaps they can take their time in recognizing kids?
The El Monte Administration will revisit their recognition program and make
modifications so it’s a special day for students and parents. They will look
at the events parents will be invited to.