LCAP Handouts Notes Pages

July – October
*Identify and consult
*Identify and assign staff
responsible for
components of plan
*Develop timeline for
implementation checks,
data collection and
*Review EOY data
*Review alignment of
district plans with LCAP
Actions Taken So Far…
November - January
*Consult stakeholders
*Conduct needs
*Begin updating progress
on Annual Update,
continue gathering data
*Review LCAP goals,
actions and services for
needed adjustments
*Review final, SBEapproved LCAP & Annual
Update Template
*Review proposed state
budget and local
February - March
April - June
*Consult stakeholders
*Continue updating
progress on Annual Update
and sharing with
goals/actions/services for
new LCAP
*Present draft LCAP to
stakeholders, asking for
*Present draft LCAP to
KCSOS for feedback
*Review draft LCAP
Evaluation Rubric when
Future Actions…
*Consult stakeholders
*Review May revision of
proposed state budget and
local implications
*Invite public comment on
draft LCAP
*Finalize Annual Update
*Present final draft LCAP to
PAC’s, stakeholders &
respond to comments in
writing as appropriate
*Present final draft to
KCSOS for feedback
(before June 15)
*Hold LCAP & budget public
*Receive local board
*Submit to KCSOS by July 1
Bright Ideas…
Questions for Discussion:
What data are you reviewing?
Is it disaggregated by subgroups?
Are you considering leading indicators?
How frequently are you reviewing the data?
Who is included in your review of the data?
What format are you using to share the data (discussion, written, infographic)?
Data Reviewed (include leading
by subgroups?
Frequency of
included in review
Format of how
data is shared
How are you assessing the effectiveness of your actions?
How are you determining when changes are necessary?
Assessment of effectiveness
How determining when changes are necessary
How are you involving stakeholders in the process of review and development of the annual update?
Approval Criteria
Section 1: Stakeholder Engagement
Involvement process: Describes the process used to consult with the required
groups on the LCAP and Annual Update.
Met with required groups, including:
School personnel
Local bargaining units
Impact on LCAP: Describes how the consultation contributed to the development of
the LCAP.
Annual Update: Describes the stakeholder involvement for the review.
Annual Update: Describes the impact of stakeholder engagement on the
development of the annual update to LCAP goals, actions, services and expenditures.
Section 2: Annual Update
Each goal in the prior year LCAP is addressed, including information from the prior
year LCAP for: related priorities, school/pupil subgroups the goal applies to, expected
measurable outcomes, planned actions/services, budgeted expenditures, and scope
of service.
Actual Annual Measurable Outcomes: Progress toward the expected annual outcome
based on, at a minimum, the required metrics are reviewed
Actual Annual Measurable Outcomes: For each goal, the review of progress includes
an assessment of the effectiveness of the specific actions.
LCAP year for the Annual Update is entered.
Actual Annual Services: A description of the actual actions/services is included.
Estimated Actual Annual Expenditures: Estimated actual annual expenditures are
Actual Scope of Service: The scope of service is identified by school site or grade
Actual Pupils Served: Identifies pupils to be served as either ALL or subgroups
Any changes to the goals, actions, services, and expenditures are described.