A great advantage of using the popular Microsoft Office suite is the

A great advantage of using the popular Microsoft Office is the number of features in common
between all programs that make up the office suite. This simply means that the number of
techniques you learn in one Office 2010 application can be used to accomplish the same task in
other Office 2010 applications. Welcome to many of the common features in Office 2010:
1. Using the File Tab
a. Choose File Tab
 Click here to open, save, print or create new
2. Opening Files
 Click the Open
a. Choose Office button
b. Use the keyboard shortcut = Ctrl + O
3. Closing Files vs Closing Program
a. Closing file  Choose Office button
 Click
to close the
document you are working on.
b. Closing Word Program  select the x in the upper right hand corner of the
4. “Save” vs “Save As”
a. Save  Choose
b. Save As  Choose File button go to Save AS
5. Features of the Open Dialog Box
6. Switching Among Open Programs
a. Alt + Tab
7. Closing Files
a. Click the
b. Right-click the Windows taskbar button and select Close
c. Choose Office button
d. Press Ctrl + F4
8. Creating a New Folder
a. Find the disk drive you would like to create the folder in
b. Click once on the Create New Folder
9. Choosing Printing Options
a. Choose, Choose Office button
b. Press Ctrl + P
c. Click the Print
, Print
Choose from the print menu
options whether to print or print
preview the documents
Identifying Home
Ribbon Tab