Controls for Powder Toy

Controls for Powder Toy
Editing Controls
o Ctrl+C/V/X are Copy, Paste and cut respectively.
o Ctrl+Z will act as Undo.
To choose a material, hover over one of the icons on the right, it will show a selection of
elements in that group.
Pick your material from the menu using mouse left/right button
o Draw freeform lines by dragging your mouse left/right button across the drawing area.
Useful controls
o Shift+drag will create straight lines of particles
o Ctrl+drag wilt result in f illed rectangles.
o Ctrl+Shift+click will flood—fill a closed area.
o Middle click or Alt+Click to “sample the particles.
Other controls
o Use ‘Z’ for a zoom tool. Click to make the drawabLe zoom window stay around. Use the
wheeL to change the zoom strength
o Use ‘S’ to save parts of the window as ‘stamps’.
o ‘L’ will Load the most recent stamp, ‘K’ shows a library of stamps you saved.
o ‘C’ will cycle the display mode (Fire, Blob, Velocity, etc.). The numbers on the keyboard
do the same
o Use the mouse scroll wheel to change the tool size for particles.
o The spacebar can be used to pause the simulation.
o ‘P’ will take a screenshot and save it into the current directory.
To begin a new simulation click the button shown below (it's found in the toolbar on the