Exam Tips for Constructing shapes and Loci

Exam Tips for Constructing shapes and Loci (Ref: http://www.mathsdoctor.co.uk/revisionhelp/gcse/geometry-and-measures/construction-and-loci-problems/ )
1. Always sharpen your pencil before constructing shapes and loci. This will make your answers
more accurate.
2. Double check all of your constructions by measuring the angles and lengths you have constructed.
3. Do not erase any of your construction markings because they will earn you valuable method
marks during your exam.
4. Remember that all the loci of a particular point will form a circle once connected. This rule can be
used to check that you have correctly constructed particular loci.
Topic Summary
The GCSE maths topics of ‘Construction Problems and Loci’ are highly dependent upon accuracy. As
a result, you need to make sure you bring the correct equipment into the examination with you.
Remember to bring:
•A compass
•A ruler
•A protractor
•A sharpened pencil (it is also advisable that you bring a spare pencil)
•A pencil sharpener
•A rubber
If you bring this necessary equipment, you can correctly sketch accurate shapes, loci and bisect
angles. Moreover, sketching constructions and solving loci problems is greatly aided by practice.
Therefore, if you attempt as many past paper questions as possible, you will become confident at
this topic and earn the maximum number of marks in your actual GCSE exam!