Bellringer Quiz May 18tha[2]


Bellringer Quiz May 18


1) Circle the lists that are ordered greatest to least:

A) 0.006, 0.025, 0.03, 0.25, 2.0

B) 0.007, 0.36, 0.04, 1.0, 0.25

C) 2.0, 0.32, 0.077, 0.0099

D) 0.2, 0.18, 0.03, 0.008

2) Circle all of the following that are not true:

A) -3 › -2

B) 5 ‹ 6

C) -67 ‹ -43

D) -98 › -2

3) Travius has $50 to spend at Peanut

Fest. Parking his Harley is free.

Admission is $7.00. Each game and ride ticket is $2.00. Circle all that are not needed to find out how much money he will have left when he leaves?

A) How many people he is paying admission for

B) How many rides they will go on (no holding hands on the ferris wheel)

C) How many food tickets he will need for turkey legs, cotton candy, and milkshakes

D) How many hours they stay at

Peanut Fest

E) How many temporary tattoos he buys for Gage.

4) Brandon and Krystal are saving aluminum cans for Relay for Life.

Brandon has collected 5



pounds of cans and Krystal has collected 12


4 pounds.

A) How many pounds have they collected?

B) If cans are worth $0.60 per pound, about how much money have they raised?

C) Approximately how many kilograms have they collected? (Big Hint! 1 kilogram is about 2 pounds)

5) Circle all the shapes that are not parallelograms:

A) Rectangle

B) Trapezoid

C) Triangle

D) Rhombus

E) Square

6) A parallelogram has 3 angles that are

110°, 70°, and 110° . What is the measure of the 4 th angle?