Circle of Control

What can you do about
your situation?
How we respond to what
happens to us.
We can finally stop
worrying about things we
can’t control!
The things in this circle are the
things we have control over.
These are our attitudes, our
choices, and our responses to
what happens. Since we can
control these things, we are
responsible for them, and the
consequences (positive or
negative) that accompany
These are the things we can’t
control. For example, we cannot
control the weather, our parents,
other people’s comments, or
whether or not our team will win.
We just have to leave these things.
We cannot spend our energy
worrying about them. If we do, we
feel out of control, as if we were
Think to yourself...
Can I fix this? Did I cause this?
Should this worry me?
If the answer to these questions
is “yes,” then get to work.
If the answer is “no,” move on.
Fix what you can (yourself!),
and leave the rest.