job duties & responsibilities

Internal Communications Specialist
Job Code:
Dept: HR
Supervisor: Bob Jordan, SVP HR
Facility: VHS
FLSA Status: Exempt
Date of Hire:
Today’s Date:
The internal communication specialist will create clear, concise, and correct communications for all Vanguard
stakeholders with a focus on employee communications. You will report to the senior vice president of human
resources, and work closely with other senior managers in executing Vanguard’s Strategic Internal
Communications Plan. You will develop, implement, and maintain all corporate communication channels. You
will be a resource for various corporate “content owners” as the company standardizes policies and procedures
and the way we communicate.
Create, write, and edit employee newsletters
Organize and maintain content on company’s SharePoint platform
Maintain any social media sites required to enhance the company’s marketing efforts
Work with facility management to maintain individual facility websites and corporate website
Create documents, materials, and presentations to support the company’s communication efforts
Employ change management best practices in integrating newly acquired facilities into Vanguard
Assist as needed with various HR and/or corporate initiatives.
 College degree in communications, journalism, or related discipline required.
Experi ence
 Must have a minimum of three years’ experience in corporate communications or public relations.
Specific Requirements
 Must have superb written and verbal communication skills.
 Must be able to extract substance from complex issues and organize content effectively
 Must have strong customer service ethic.
 Must display professionalism both in appearance and attitude.
 Must possess excellent project management skills.
 Must possess excellent multi-tasking skills.
 Must possess the ability to solve problems and make independent decisions when circumstances
warrant such action.
 Must genuinely care for and understand the elderly and disabled.
 Must have strong computer and web-based publishing skills.
 Must be familiar with various intranet platforms (SharePoint preferred).
 Must be able to work well with others at all levels in a collaborative setting.
Updated 10/1/2011
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Must be able to build effective relationships and establish credibility with senior management and
facility management.
Must be able to influence others and drive behavior change when necessary.
Must ensure communication messages are consistent and aligned with company strategies and
Must identify relevant change management and/or employee engagement opportunities and implement
Updated 10/1/2011
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Documenting Physical Demands in a job description ensures ADA compliance.
This form should be maintained in your Department file.
Be sure to specify significant Physical Demands in the job requirements section of the job
description. Be certain that lifting weights, physical activities and/or strength, mobility and
agility required to perform the job effectively are included when it is important to perform an
essential duty. Clarify how much on-the-job time is spent on the physical activities such as
standing, walking, sitting, using hand to finger, handle, or feel; reaching with hands and arms;
climbing or balancing; stooping, kneeling, couching or crawling; talking or hearing; and tasting
or smelling. Use the chart below to develop your description of physical demands.
How much on-the-job time is spent on the following physical activities? Show the time by checking the
appropriate boxes.
Amount of Time
Under To
Use hands to finger, handle, or feel
Reach with hands and arms
Climb or balance
Stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl
Talk or hear
Taste or smell
i.e., Position requires standing 1/3 of the time.
Does this job require that weight be lifted or force be exerted? If so, how much and how often? Check
the appropriate boxes.
Amount of Time
Under To
Up to 10 pounds
Up to 25 pounds
Up to 50 pounds
Up to 100 pounds
More than 100 pounds
i.e., Position requires lifting 1/3 of the time up to 10 pounds.
Does this job have any special vision requirements? Check all that apply.
Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)
Distance vision (clear vision at 20 feet or more)
Color vision (ability to identify and distinguish colors)
Peripheral vision (ability to observe an area that can be seen up and down or to the left and right
while eyes are fixed on a given point)
Depth perception (three-dimensional vision, ability to judge distances and spatial relationships)
Ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus)
Updated 10/1/2011
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No special vision requirements
Specify below the essential job duties that require the physical demands indicated above.
Any special physical demands should be clearly communicated to any applicants applying for this position and
all employees occupying this position.
Updated 10/1/2011
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