Value = Goals = Behavior = Self-esteem
“If I had 8 hours to chop
down a tree,
I’d spend 6 sharpening
my ax”
Abraham Lincoln
What is a goal?
• Discussion
• Activity: Shrinking Circle
– Discuss outcome of the Shrinking Circle
• What happened when the circle got smaller and
harder to fit?
• How does this relate to our lives?
• What are some things that prevent us from reaching
our goals?
Long vs. Short
A short term goal is
achieved quickly (finish
term paper, wash
dishes, mail Christmas
cards by Friday, etc.).
They help you achieve
your long term goals.
Long term goals will
take months, years, all
your life.
For example: graduate
from college, become a
pilot, lose ___ pounds,
Do you believe you can achieve?
• We need to learn how to dream.
• Keep the dream alive, reach your goals
• Some people don’t decide or have a vision
of what they want out of life. NO GOALS!!
• People with goals can see what they
eventually want to achieve and they can
see just how to get there.
Things to remember:
Goals must be realistic – you can’t lose 40
pounds in one month
Must prioritize – rank in order of importance
you, can’t accomplish it all at once.
Do you have the resources you need to reach
your goals (money, information, health, energy,
skill, etc.).
Individual Assignment:
• Write a long list of the goals you think
would be important and worthwhile for you
to accomplish. (a dream list)
• Now have them look at their list and ask
themselves the following questions:
– Does it fit your values?
– Is it realistic?
– Is it flexible?
– Does it fit in with your other goals?
– Will the rewards be worth what you put in to
– Is it what you want?
Activity: The “I can’t funeral”
write down on a piece a paper everything
you can’t do.
Next write a list of ‘I CAN’. Keep this in
your note book/journal.
Play song: “I Believe I Can Fly”
“Success is in the
• You need purse-severance
• It requires the same amount of energy to
be successful as it does to be
• 99% of your assets are standing in your
• 80% of success is showing up
• If you are not working to where you want
to be, you are AUTOMATICALLY
working to where you don’t want to be.
• Keep your most important values in mind
at all times when you are making LESS
important decisions.
• Don’t sacrifice what matters most for
something that doesn’t matter that much
to you. There are always trade-offs
Build a bridge and get over it
You will have challenges
You will have roadblocks
You can have excuses or success but not
Story: “Circus Elephants and Limitations”
There are three types of people
Ones that make things happen
Those that let it happen
And the ones that don’t know what
What one are you going to be?
There is very little difference between
mediocre and greatness.
The boiling point is only 1 degree different
than very warm water.
The difference is tremendous. Steam can power
many things.
The difference between a race horse that
wins first place and a second place is often
fractions of a second.
Seven goal areas
Writing goals –
written down
read out loud frequently
posted visibly
Student Assignment:
Set a goal and fill out the goal
Show video:
“The Blue Vase”