Alden - Conger PTO meeting Monday April 7,2008 7pm

Alden - Conger PTO meeting
Monday April 7,2008
Introductions were done to better acquaint ourselves with each other
Treasures report - $3088.02 in our account.
Old Business:
*There will be an information table at the April 17th spring concert regarding PTO
and order forms for new Alden - Conger t-shirts
*Teacher appreciation week is May 5-9th with teacher appreciation day being
May 6th. We will have a couple of special things for the teachers and staff that
week in appreciation for all they do for our kids.
*May 5th will be senior high conferences and PTO will be having a pizza
fund raiser supper. We will be selling pizza, pop, water and bars. There will also
be an informational table set up.
*Thanks to those keeping the PTO web site current!
*There will be posters distributed around the school letting everyone know what
is coming up with PTO.
New Business:
*A thank you was sent to both Wal-mart and Nelson's county market for their
$25.00 gift cards in helping with expenses on May 5th.
*PTO mission statement - any ideas please pass them to us
*There are some awesome three-fold pamphlets available with info regarding
PTO and asking for more parents to help. You can get those at the office or from
a PTO chairperson. If you can help by making bars, working an event or would
just like to donate something please let us know.
*We will be ordering new Alden - Conger shirts. The order we be placed when we
get enough orders to place it. There will be some extras in the display case as
well. It would be great to get everybody updated with some new attire to show
SCHOOL SPIRIT!!!! They are available in red or grey short sleeve and cost
$10.00 (youth) $12.00 (adult) $15.00 (XXL) and the black long sleeve cost
$14.00 (youth) $18.00 (adult)
and $20.00 (XXL). Order forms will be sent home with the elementary students
or are in the office.
Fund-raising ideas:
*Tupperware sales
*Cake pans and ect.
*Cookies by the pound
*May 5th serve for conferences
*tailgating for homecoming
*Spring 2009 community day sale
We will continue to revisit these options
Future PTO events:
*We have asked the teachers to let us know what there classrooms need to
make there days easier. It sounded like projection units would be a great help to
everyone. Maybe having each teacher creates a “wish list” for what they would
like in their classroom. We will look into this and see what the cost would be to
get started. *Bringing school spirit and fun back into homecoming! Possibly
serving food at a junior high dance as well as a separate senior high dance.
Tailgating, homecoming buttons, etc.
Next meeting Monday May 5th, 7pm. We hope to see lots of you there.
Thanks for supporting our staff and students!!!!!!
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