What does it mean to be an Eco-Centre?

What does it mean to be an Eco-Centre?
At Flatford Mill we are working towards our Eco-Centres Award, which embeds
sustainability at the heart of our ethos and operations. We monitor our
environmental impact and are aiming to reduce it by 10% in 2014. Our Action
Plan to reduce our environmental impact is outlined below.
What we are doing:
What you can do to help:
 Continually monitoring our energy
and water use
 Sort your rubbish into the
appropriate bins including compost
 Only take as much food as you’ll eat
 Installed an Archimedean screw to
generate electricity for the centre
 Providing and using recycling bins
for batteries and food
 Purchasing local and fair-trade
 Sending our used kitchen oil for
recycling into bio-diesel
 Composting our raw food waste,
researching cooked food
 Developing Willy Lott’s garden for
biodiversity and food production
 Engaging the local community with
conservation through the Youth
 Keep an eye out for interesting
animals and plants around the
 Turn off bedroom lights
 Reduce water usage, have shorter
showers, report dripping taps
 Spread the eco-code message
 Travel down by train and public
transport next time you visit
 Take part in Opal research projects
Or use the link