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you through the recruitment process
and potential future employment.
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General Information
We look for graduates who are
flexible in their approach to mobility.
Please indicate if you are prepared to
be mobile throughout the UK to
pursue a career with Tesco.
Please indicate if you have any
criminal convictions which are not
‘spent’ under the Rehabilitation of
Offenders Act 1974? (Motoring
offences should not be included
unless you will be driving a Company
Have you obtained at least 5 GCSE’s
(or equivalent qualifications) at grade
C or above.
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Please note that if you hold or are studying for a degree from outside of the UK, you
will need to provide evidence that your degree is equivilent to a 2:1 by UK standards
before you attend an Assessment Centre. If you are unsure, seek advice from NARIC
( who are an official national information centre for providing
guidance on the comparability of international degrees.
Degree Subject Studied
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Work Related Questions
Please describe your most
challenging work experience/project
and what you did. Please do not use
more than 100 words.
Please provide details of your most
recent employment and a description
of your main responsibilities. Please
include company name, dates
employed, job title. Please do not use
more than 100 words
Please provide details of any relevant
work experience in the retail business
and / or the business area that you
are applying to. Please include
company name, dates employed, job
title. Please do not use more than 100
Please can you explain your
understanding of the business area to
which you have applied. Please tell us
why you think you would enjoy this
work, and provide a brief explanation
of your reasons for choosing this
graduate programme. Please do not
use more than 100 words
Please use this space to tell us about
positions of responsibility that you
have had outside of work e.g.
university, school, other interests.
Please do not use more than 100
At Tesco a number of important skills are critical to both individual and organisation
wide success, and are shared by all employees. The following 2 questions have been
designed to understand these skills. Please read both questions carefully;
1. Customer Focus: Describe a
time when you have built a
good relationship with a
customer. What skills and
qualities did you use and what
was the outcome? Please do
not use more than 250 words.
2. Team working: Describe the
most effective team you have
worked in and the
contribution that you made.
Please do not use more than
250 words.
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