Unit 2 Assignment 2
P2 M2
Employability Skills
Suitable qualifications
Experience in a similar role
Knowledge of products/services
Experience in industry
Effective at meeting personal targets
Personal Skills
Team work
Hard working
Interpersonal skills
Communication Skills
• Written communication
• Verbal communication
• Non verbal communication
• Choose a job role within your business and
investigate the employability, personal and
communication skills needed to do the job.
• You can find this information on the job
description, person specification and job
advert. E.g. What qualifications are needed to
be a doctor, what skills do they need?
M2- Assess the importance of employability, and
personal skills in the recruitment and retention of staff
in a selected organisation
• For each of the skills you have explained as being important
in P2, explain why it is essential from the businesses point
of view why an employee has these skills.
• Employability- Tesco will want to employ someone with the
correct qualifications because…
• Communication Tesco will want to employ someone with
appropriate verbal communication skills because…
• Personal -Tesco will want to employ someone with the
good team work skills because…