Selection Procedure of TESCO by Group 5

Selection Procedure of TESCO
• process of choosing the most suitable
persons from the applicants.
• Comprise employment laws and
• Choosing the best person for the job
• Salient features & process of selection
Procedure at TESCO
– Job Type Match Tool
– Screening
– Assessment Centre
Job Type Match Tool
• It a web based application.
• Exhibits career opportunities at TESCO.
• Applicant can see where they might fit in
before applying.
Job Type Match Tool
• Careful scrutiny of CV.
• The CV contains abstract of the candidate's
education, activities, achievement and
working experiences.
Assessment centres
• After passing screening candidate attend
assessment center.
• Assessment centres are the stores and the
programme is run by store manager.
• provide consistency in the selection process.
• It involves various activities and exercises:
– Team work exercise.
– Problems solving exercise.
– Example of problems/case study.
Selection Procedure
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Presented By:
Kunwar Imran Khan
Rashmi Mudgal
Sec: A