FIRST YEAR RESIDENT (First Pediatric Rotation)
Fill in the blank or indicate all that apply:
1. Central increase in interstitial markings, pleural fluid, and increased lung volumes
in a newborn with only mild respiratory distress is consistent with the diagnosis of
2. Ultrasound criteria for a normal hip ultrasound include which of the following:
a. Graf alpha angle of > 60 degrees
b. >50% acetabular coverage of the femoral head
c. lack of subluxation or dislocation with stress maneuver
Foreign body aspiration:
a. demonstrates lack of change in volume with different phases of
inspiration on the affected side
b. can be diagnosed with inspiratory and expiratory views or bilateral lateral
decubitus views
c. most commonly shows atelectasis of the involved region
4. Intraventricular hemorrhage on ultrasound that causes ventricular distention is
classified as grade ____.
5. The most common fracture of the elbow in a child is the
6. Abnormalities that can be seen in necrotizing enterocolitis are:
a. ________________
b. ________________
c. ________________
7. A fracture that extends through the growth plate and epiphysis is a Salter-Harris
type ______ injury.
8. Criteria for appendicitis on ultrasound includes thickened appendiceal diameter
of > ______mm.
9. Extra credit question:
Children are just small adults. T or F
10. Cases:
Please give the best diagnosis for the entity illustrated. A one word answer may be
A. Newborn with mild respiratory distress
Day 1
Day 2
A. ___________________________
B. 3 day old preemie with increasing respiratory distress
B. ___________________________
C. Newborn with mild respiratory symptoms
C. ___________________________
D. 3 day old with abdominal distention
D. ___________________________________________
E. 2 day old premature infant
E. __________________________________
F. Frontal and lateral views of the cervical soft tissues in a 2 y/o with difficulty
F. ___________________________________
We value your input and are regularly re-evaluating our program and making
necessary revisions to improve resident training. As pertains to your rotation on the
Pediatric Radiology service, please comment on particular areas of strength or areas
for improvement: