Respiratory Therapy Class of 2013
How can respiratory therapy students at
SWCTA engage and educate 5th grade
elementary students to the consequences of
tobacco use to promote a healthy lifestyle for
their future?
\Project plan.docx
“We educated the kids in
a very exciting way to
keep them interactive
with us and not lose their
Jamie Fajardo
“We were able to keep the
kids’ positive energy up.
When they came in they
didn’t look interested but
by the time they left they
were hyped and excited.
They really liked the
Ashley Tolentino
“I thought we did a great
job of informing and
educating the 5th
graders. It seemed like
they enjoyed it a lot. I’m
glad we had activities for
them to do so they were
involved in our
Nicole Boucher
“I think projects like
these bring our
respiratory class closer
together. We brought
positive energy to their
school and they gave us
positive feedback.”
Kathleen Agusto
“Your students did such a great job. Please
congratulate them on what they have
- Ms. Felicia Nemcek
“Excellent overall presentation. All students
demonstrated knowledge of content area.”
- Dr. Sifuentes