MD Job Description - Monroe County Community College

Job Description
Medical Director, Respiratory Therapy Programs
In co-operation with the program director, the director of clinical education, and the Dean
of Health Sciences, the medical director for the Respiratory Therapy Program shall:
I. Evaluate each graduating second year student as to his/her ability to:
a) assess a patient receiving Respiratory Care services
b) evaluate patient data and make recommendations for the respiratory care of
these patients.
c) communicate with physicians in the student's capacity as a respiratory
therapist (e.g. report ABG results and make recommendations for therapy).
2. In cooperation with program faculty, assist in the review of the program including,
but not limited to, updating curriculum, measuring degree of progrmn success or
failure, and outlining future strategies for program improvement.
3. Participate as a member of the Advisory Committee which meets twice per year.
4. Assist in the coordination of physician contact at clinical agencies as requested by the
program faculty.
5. Provide or assist in identifying appropriate activities for student interaction with
physicians at hospitals to which the medical director has staff privileges.