Student Intern Curriculum

Office for Sponsored Staff and Volunteer Services
Student Intern Curriculum
Student Intern Name:
College/University/High School Attending:
Department Name:
Supervisor Name:
Contact Information:
Internship Start Date:
Internship End Date:
Training Goals
Please detail the specific skills or knowledge base to be developed as a part of this
internship. What should the student intern have learned at the conclusion of this
experience? Please be as specific as possible:
Daily Activity
Please detail the specific activities the student intern will be involved in on a daily
basis to ensure the training goals are met:
Daily schedule (hours worked)?
Training Supervision
Please provide details on who will provide appropriate training and supervision in
support of each of the training goals/activities):
Weekly meetings
The department supervisor should meet at least once a week with the student intern
to solicit feedback, discuss training progress and provide mentoring.
Weekly meeting time:
Department/Staff meetings
Student interns should participate in regular department meetings to gain a better
understanding of the overall department activity and meet others working in
department. Department meeting time:
Name: _________________________________
Signature: ______________________________
Department Head/Administrator
Student Intern Signature