Welcome to 9th grade English

Mrs. Shandera
9th Grade English
Room 212
Welcome to English 9! I know that we are going to have a fantastic year as we work together to successfully
complete the tasks ahead of us. I am very excited about working with you, helping you meet and exceed all of
your personal goals, and watching you learn and grow academically as the year progresses. In order for us to
have a successful year, we will have to RESPECT each other, work together, and take responsibility for our
words, our work, and our actions. Let’s make this a fun, exciting, and rewarding year!
Some of the units we will tackle include:
 Research papers
 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Sean Covey
 Night, Elie Wiesel
 The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
 Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare
 Great Expectations, Charles Dickens
 Short stories
 Grammar
 Speech
 Independent Reading
Classroom Procedures:
1. Always have your agenda filled out and ready for me to sign when asking to leave the room.
2. After I sign your agenda, go to the sign out sheet and fill out your name, where you are going,
and the time on the side table. Sign in the time when you return. Do this without interrupting the
3. Lined paper can be found on the sign out table, and the bookshelf along wall on your left side.
The pencil sharpener is on top of the filing cabinet by the door. Tissues are also on the sign out
table. You do not need to ask to get/use these things, just do so quietly.
4. No eating, drinking, or listening to music unless approved by me under special circumstances.
5. You may always write in either pen or pencil unless I specify otherwise. I will not accept
assignments written in highlighters, crayons, or markers!
6. Always put your name, class period, and the date at the top of your papers.
Student /Classroom Expectations:
1. Complete class work and homework assignments for each unit on time
2. Come prepared to class (bring your homework, book, notebook, pen/pencil, folder, etc.)
Classroom Rules:
1. Respect! Respect! RESPECT!
2. Always bring your books, a notebook, and something to write with to class
3. You are responsible for your work, your words, and your actions
4. Do NOT speak while someone else is speaking
5. Never leave the room without permission from the teacher
6. Be in your seat and ready to begin when the bell rings
Consequences for Breaking a Rule:
1. Verbal warning
2. Loss of participation points
3. Detention
4. Referral to office and call home
If you are absent:
1. Check your class folder FIRST for any work with your name on it.
2. Ask a fellow classmate what you missed.
3. If you need me or do not understand something, be sure to see me about make-up work before
or after class, or during homeroom and academic period.
4. You have the same number of days that you were absent to make up your homework (unless
otherwise specified and approved by me for special circumstances), or it will become a zero.
5. Getting your make up work is YOUR responsibility! I will not chase you down to remind you that
you owe me work. Please be responsible for yourself!
You will earn a nine weeks grade based upon the total number of points you receive on all graded
assignments given within the grading period. The total number of points you receive on all graded assignments
will be divided by the total possible points in order to convert your grade to a percentage. The total number of
points will vary slightly each grading period. You will have a final at the end of the year, so make sure you
keep all of your materials in a safe place, so you’ll be prepared!
As outlined in the student handbook, plagiarism will not be tolerated! Any plagiarized assignments will
result in a zero and will be reported to the office. I will also file a copy of the plagiarized work, and will contact
your parents to make them aware of the situation. Both you and your parents will be asked to sign a document
showing that you understand the severity of plagiarism in your education. Otherwise, cases will be handled on
an individual basis.
Extra Credit:
Extra credit assignments may or may not be given during the grading period. Any extra credit that I present
will be open to the entire class. It can be present anywhere, so keep your eyes and ears open!!
Sports, Appointments, Vacations, and Extracurricular Activities:
It is your responsibility to turn in work that is due and get make – up work BEFORE you leave for your
event. If you are in school, I expect the work for the next day to be completed, whether or not you are absent
from class.
Ninth grade is very different from the middle school. Keep on top of things by using your agenda. Don’t let
homework slip…it will hurt you more than you think. Keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to try new things.
Participate! Have fun learning. Remember, this is your chance at a fresh start…no one knows you here!
If you need help or want to discuss your grades, progress in my class, etc. please come see me! I am always
willing to do as much as I can to see you improve and excel with your academics!
Good luck! I am looking forward to getting to know you!
Mrs. Shandera
[email protected]
I have read and understand the information listed in this syllabus. As a student, I was already given the
chance to ask questions in class, and know I can approach Mrs. Shandera privately if needed. As a
parent, I will contact Mrs. Shandera immediately if I have any questions or concerns.
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