Unit Price

Unit Price
Mrs. Kuznia
Math 8
Day 7
What is Unit Price?
 Unit price is the cost of one unit of
measure of an item.
 Unit price is often used in a grocery
store to compare the price of two or
more brands of the same item.
How do we determine Unit Prices?
 To determine a unit price we will set
up a proportion. One side of the
proportion will always be:
X Dollars
 1 Unit (whatever we are buying)
Find the Unit Price if an 8oz
can of Campbell’s soup
costs $1.19
 Find the Unit Cost
when a 24 Oz Box of
Lucky Charms costs
 Find the Unit Cost
if an 8 pack of
Capri Sun costs
 Find the Unit Cost
if a 10 oz bottle
of Baby Shampoo
Costs $1.89
Comparing Unit Prices
 Sometimes, we want to compare the
unit prices of two different items.
 When doing this we are looking for
 “Best Buy”
 “Better Value”
To Compare
 To compare unit prices we must:
 Find the unit price of each item
 Choose the item with the LOWER unit
 What is the better value?
 A 12 oz can of Campbells Tomato Soup for
$0.99, or a 10 oz can of Heinz Tomato Soup for
 Which is the better
 A 12 pack of pop-tarts
for $2.99 or an 8 pack
of pop-tarts for $2.19?
Try One!
 Which is the better
value. A 20 oz
bottle of ketchup
for $2.19 or a 32
oz. bottle of
ketchup for $3.59?