The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan alexus

Percy, and his friends Annabeth and Grover go to
the underworld, and they bribe the security guard
to let them get through.
The guard takes the offer, and he takes them down
to the underworld.
Annabeth distracts, the Cerberus with a red ball
while, Percy and Grover go under the Cerberus.
Then Annabeth goes under, and they all sneak
through the gates, and set off all the alarms.
Grover almost falls into the chasm in the
underworld, because of his winged shoes on his
Hades accused Percy of taking his helm of
darkness and Zeus’s master bolt.
 Percy saves all three of them instead of his
mom, because he know she would be
 Percy throws the pearls, on the ground and
a bubble comes up, and the three of them
are in the sea.
 A coast guard boat, picked them up and
dropped, them of at The Santa Monica Pier.
Ares told, Percy that Hades stole the
master bolt, but Ares really did.
Annabeth gave Percy, a necklace for
good luck, and Grover gave him a tincan, and he said “ The Satyrs stand
behind you”.
Internal conflict, in chapter 18 is Percy
feels panic in his throat.
 Internal conflict, in chapter 19 is Percy
can’t decide who to save.
 Internal conflict, in chapter 20 is Percy
has the courage to, fight and not run
 External conflict, in chapter 18 is They
can’t get into, the underworld.
External conflict, in chapter 19 is the
soldiers charge, at them and try to kill all
3 of them.
External conflict, in chapter 20 is Percy
has to battle his, own relative.
The setting in, chapter 18 is in the land of
the dead, it is almost midnight, and it’s
present day.
 The setting in, chapter 19 is in the
underworld where, Hades rules and it’s
present day.
 The setting in, chapter 20 is at the Santa
Monica Pier in the sea, and it’s present
Protagonist(s): characters who work for
good in the story.
Percy Jackson
Grover Underwood
Antagonist(s): characters who work against
the protagonist.
Cerberus was a three headed dog that
guarded Hades door.
 In Greek mythology, Cerberus was the
three headed dog, that Perseus
 Charon was, the guard that took, them
to the underworld.
 In Greek, mythology Charon was the
one, who took the sprits across the River
of Styx.
Elysium was the good place, in the
In Greek mythology, Elysium was also the
good place, but there were very little
people were there.
How did Annabeth distract the
How did all 3 of them get out of the
What is an allusion?
What did Percy do?