September 29, 2014
Do Now:
1. Review questions
on chapter 2 of
The Lightening
Learning Target: I can cite
evidence from the text when
answering questions and discussing
Percy’s character in The Lightning
Thief. (RL.6.4) ”
1. Do Now (8)
2. Guided Instruction (10)
3. Learning Teams (15)
4. Whole Group Share (5)
5. Independent (5)
6. Exit Slip (4)
Homework: Homework packet 3
is due on Friday.
Do Now
Directions: Answer the following
questions in a complete sentence.
1. What news does the headmaster of
Yancy Academy send to Percy’s mom?
2. Who’s conversation does Percy
overhear? What are they discussing?
3. How do Percy and Grover travel back to
• An idea or opinion that is based on evidence.
Evidence + Background = Inference
(in the text) Knowledge
(what I know) emotions
Challenge  Response
How do authors reveal information about
A. Actions
B. Inner thoughts
C. Dialogue
Anyway Nancy Bobofit was throwing wads of sandwich that stuck in his
curly brown hair, and she knew I couldn’t do anything back to her
because I was already on probation. The headmaster has threatened
me with death by in-school suspension if anything bad, embarrassing, or
even mildly entertaining happened on this trip.
“I’m going to kill her.” I mumbled.
Grover tried to calm me down. “Its okay, I like peanut butter.”
He dodged another piece of Nancy’s lunch.
“That’s it.” I started to get up, but Grover pulled me back to my seat.
I can infer…
The challenge Percy is facing
in this scene is
Percy responds to this
challenge by
Based on Percy’s response to
this challenge, I can infer
The evidence to support this
is, “
The evidence to support this
is, “
The evidence to support this
is, “
Learning Teams
1. Turn to page 17 of
The Lightning Thief.
2. Re-read the
3. Identify the
challenge Percy is
4. Identify how
Percy’s response to
that challenge.
Make an inference
about Percy’s traits
based on his
response to the
Exit Slip
How has the author, Rick Riordan,
helped us get to know Percy so far in
The Lightning Thief?
A. Actions
B. Inner thoughts
C. Dialogue
September 29, 2014
Do Now:
Create 1 of each of the 4 sentence
types about Percy Jackson.
• Declarative
• Interrogative
• Imperative
• Exclamatory
Learning Target: I can convert
key words and phrases into
complete sentences and vice
1. Do Now (8)
2. Guided Instruction (10)
3. Learning Teams (15)
4. Independent (10)
5. Exit Ticket (4)
Do Now
Directions: Create one type of each sentence about characters in The Lightning Thief.
Remember to use proper capitalization and punctuation.
Declarative: ____________________________________________________________
Interrogative: __________________________________________________________
Imperative: ____________________________________________________________
Exclamatory: ____________________________________________________________
1. Convert each complete sentence into key words
and phrases + Convert each set of key words
and phrases into complete independently.
Learning Teams
1. Compare team
members’ answers
and come to a
2. Write the final
answer on the
team’s worksheet.
Exit Ticket
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