Percy Jackson Quiz #2

Percy Jackson Quiz #2
Chapters 5-9
Multiple Choice
Clearly write your answer to the multiple choice question on your answer sheet.
What is an oracle?
A. a mummy
B. an attic
What word best describes how Luke feels about his father?
A. Bitter
C. Frightened
B. Jealous
D. Friendly
What word best describes Annabeth’s desire for a quest?
A. Frightened
C. Furious
B. Nervous
D. Determined
Why was Percy first placed in Cabin Eleven when he arrived at Camp HalfBlood?
A. He was determined
C. He was undetermined
B. It was the closest
D. Mr. D. ordered it
C. a city in Delphi
D. someone who “sees” the future
Short Answer
Answer all short answer questions with complete sentences.
1. What clues about Mr. D. helped us to determine that he
was Dionysus?
2. Describe the marriage of Zeus and Hera. Include the
following terms or phrases in your answer: 300 years,
cuckoo, golden apples, cheating.
3. Why does Percy feel guilty about Grover getting in
4. Describe how Percy became “one with the plumbing” and
how does the incident change Annabeth’s attitude toward
him? (2 part question!)
5. What is the Garden of the Hesperides? Who are the
Hesperides and what do they guard? (3 part question!)
6. Why did the counselors have such a hard time determining
who Percy’s dad was?
7. What does it mean to be undetermined? How does a
camper become determined? What sign was given that
made everyone know that Poseidon was claiming Percy? (3
Part Question!)
8. Why did the “Big Three” gods swear never to have any more
Making Inferences
Tell how you determined that each of the following happened.
1. We knew Percy was feeling lonely after it was
determined who his father was because
2. Percy keeps asking questions and thinking
about the underworld because
3. Annabeth wants Percy to be “The One”
Cause and Effect
Answer with either the cause or the effect.
1. Because Thalia sacrificed herself to save her
friends ______________________________
2. ____________________________________ ,
so some cabins at camp are empty.
Define the following terms.
1. Inference
2. Cause and Effect
3. Compare
4. Contrast
Compare and Contrast
• Put your answer on your answer sheet.
• Fill in ONE of the following Venn Diagrams.
You should have at least one thing in each
1. What is the master bolt?
2. Give three clues as to why everyone thinks it
was Hades who took the master bolt.