The Lightning Thief By: Rick Riordan

A god buys us cheeseburgers
We take a zebra to Vegas
Presented By: Jayana Watkins And
Tristen sprouse
Chapter 15
Percy, Grover, and Annabeth go on a quest.
Ares comes and tells them to find his shield
The small cupids start shooting arrows at the kids and
they start
They went to the water park and they have been
trapped in waterland they escape by letting the boat
crash sending them flying into the air.
Plot Continued
Chapter 16
 Percy, Grover, and Annabeth have to go to L.A. in the
back of a delivery truck.
 After they let the animals free, they find the Lotus
Hotel and were treated like millionaires.
 The hotel was a trap to make them forget their quest,
and make them want to stay longer.
Chapter 15
Internal-A problem inside your mind
 Percy yelled at himself for doing what Ares said but
that was the only way he was going to find his mother.
External-a problem outside of your mind
 Percy argues with Ares when he was at the diner.
Chapter 16
External-a problem outside of your mind
 Percy has to fight in a war between gods.
Internal-A problem inside your mind
 Percy was at the hotel for so long he started forgetting
his quest and could barely remember his or his mom’s
Chapter 15
 At waterland
 At the diner
 In the diner parking lot
 In of the delivery truck
 At the Lotus Hotel
 On the streets of the Las Vegas
Chapter 15 and 16
 Percy
 Grover
 Annabeth
 Ares
 Truck drivers
 Hades
Chapters 15 and 16
Cupid statues shoot arrows at the kids and starts video
taping them
Ares sends them to waterland, Ares is the god of War
and bloodshed.
In the diner parking lot Ares rides away on a
Like Percy’s father Poseidon, he can talk to horses and
Review questions
 Name an external and an internal
Why was A god buys us cheeseburger`s
an appropriate title?
Who is Annabeth?
Name one mythological allusions.
How many characters were their?