Presentation on EFMS Mat Payment Workflows.

Workflows on payment of
Material Bills through e-FMS
Rural Development Department
Government of Tripura
Select “Edit Work” option from the PO login
Edit & Update work details if required
Enter amounts in Lakhs (rounding up to 3 decimal places) so that
“Tech Sanc Amt”, “Total of US + Material” and “Fin. Sanc. Amt.
NREGA” are equal to each other. Press “Update”
These 3 values
should be equal
From the ensuing screen select the appropriate “Activity” and key-in the “Unit Price”
in such a manner so that the “Total Work Cost” and “Total Tech. Sanc. Amt” in
previous slide exactly matches each other. Press “Save” button to complete the
Select “Freeze DPR” option from the “e-FMS Module” available in the PO
login. Select the appropriate work from the drop-down list.
Update & freeze the DPR.
DPR Freezed successfully. Please note that once the DPR is freezed the work cannot
be edited any more. So before freezing DPRs please ensure that everything is “Ok”
Select “Material Procured Details” from PO login and select the Vendor, key-in the
CORRECT / ACTUAL bill amount provided in the voucher and press “Save”.
Please DO NOT enter the rounded amount that was entered in Slide #4
Bill amount entered successfully
Please ensure that the selected
VENDOR is Verified & Freezed from
the DPC login, otherwise the material
list will NOT be generated
From the PO login open the “Generate Material List” link and choose the
appropriate GP / Executing Agency for which the material bill has to be paid.
Select the appropriate Work Code / Name and press the “Display” button
Select the appropriate “Work Code”
and “Proceed”
Material List is generated successfully against the selected “Work Code”
Open “Authorize WageList by Panchayat Secretary” option from the GP login
Select “Generate FTO of Material” option
Verify the appropriate Material List and press the “Submit”
FTO for material bill generated successfully
Insert the DSC for 1st signatory and press the “Add
Digital Signature” button
Key-in the DSC pin
FTO successfully signed by the 1st
Select the option “Send wagelist to bank by Gram
Login using the DSC credentials of 2nd signatory
(say Gram Pradhan).
Select the option “Verify and Add Digital Signature to FTO of
Select the appropriate FTO Number from the Drop-down box, “Verify and
ADD Digital Signature” to the selected FTO and press “Proceed”.
Key-in the DSC pin
FTO successfully signed by the 2nd signatory
Once the FTO has been signed by both 1st & 2nd Signatory (say
Panchayat Secretary and the Gram pradhan), the FTO will be
sent to the bank electronically and the concerned bank will
process the FTO and the money will be credited to the
respective Agency / Supplier.
Thank you