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Home Connect
The login for your
child is the same
login that they
use everyday at
school to take an
AR test. We sent
this information
home at the
beginning of the
school year. Just
ask your child
their AR
Password. If you
need help email
Click on the link on the left to go to
AR BookFinder.
You can find the Reading Levels of books from our school,
home, public library or anywhere at this site!
The IL and the BL are
very important. Look on
the next few pages for
more information on
HPES Library only has LG and MG
books. When you are looking to buy
or check out books for your child, it is
important to look at the IL. The AR
level or BL only tells the “readability”
of the book, not if it is appropriate.
So, for example, if your 3rd grade child
is able to read a 5.6 book, but the IL is
marked MG+, it may very well be best
NOT to allow your child to read that
book until they are older.
The BL is what we call the AR Level
of the book. Your child’s teacher
will let you know the AR range at
which your child should be reading.
If your child’s AR level is 2.0-2.6 this
book would be in their range.