Chattanooga-Tristate Region STEMI Update

Chattanooga/Tristate Region
STEMI Update 2014
C. Samuel Ledford, MD
Chattanooga Heart Institute
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The Realities of Transport/Communication
in our Tristate Region
Limited Resources
How do we increase the number
of patients with timely access
to reperfusion therapy?
We Know what the problems are.
So what do we do?
A Regional STEMI Taskforce
Barriers to Timely Reperfusion
The Patient
•Hesitation to seek medical attention
•Transported to E.D. by private vehicle
Time to transport/EMS
•Delivery to the closest hospital by EMS, regardless
of PCI capabilities
•Long transport in rural areas
•Limited Resources
STEMI Referral Hospitals
•Reticence to use Thrombolytics
•Delay in Transfer to PCI facility
STEMI Receiving Hospitals
•Multiple Thrombolytic and transport protocols
Tri-State Regional STEMI Taskforce Charter
Mission Statement:
The mission of the Tri-State Regional STEMI Taskforce is to improve the quality of
care and outcomes in acute coronary syndrome patients through a uniform
readiness and response to ST-Elevated Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) patients.
The Tri-State Regional STEMI Taskforce is a multi-disciplinary, multi-organizational
group of healthcare providers focused on decreasing the time to reperfusion
therapy, reducing inefficiencies, optimizing resources for patients with STElevated Myocardial Infarctions, and caring for the patent with acute coronary
STEMI Receiving Hospitals/
Local Government
Letters of Support for a Regional
STEMI Task Force
Financial Commitment to support
Task Force
Membership on Executive
Committee of Southeast Tennessee
Regional Medical Communications
Center (Region 3)
EMS/Helicopter Services
STEMI-Referral Hospitals
Begin to Think Inside The Box
Questions ??
STEMI Coordinators:
Marla Thomas RN– Erlanger (423) 778-5673
Dee Dee Edgemon RN– Memorial (423) 495-7686
Sandra Tilley RN– Parkridge (423) 493-1589
Ten- one minute time savers
are easier to recognize and
implement than One – ten
minute time saver
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