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Saving The Planet
By: Carlos P.
What is Global Warming?
– I believe that global warming is caused by the
toxic fumes of smokers, car exhausts, factories
and hair sprays.
Causes of Global Warming
• Smoke
• is mainly CO2
• thickens ozone layer
Cause of Global Warming
• Hair spray
• sends chemicals into the air
• greenhouse gas
Cause of Global Warming
• Deforestation
• wont be able to capture any CO2 increasing
earths heat.
• earth loses more oxygen
What Can We Do To Make It Better?
1.) Turn off all unused electrical objects
2.) Car pool
3.) Recycle
4.) Use city transportation
What Do Hurricanes Have to Do with
Global Warming?
• The hurricanes become stronger as the water
is warmer. Since global warming causes the
water to become warmer, the hurricane will
go over the warmth picking up energy and
Hurricane Katrina
• It was a Category 5 hurricane making it a very
devastating and dangerous storm.
• the warmth of the water gave the storm its
energy and power.
What Happened After the Hurricane?
• The city over flooded and destroyed the entire
city of New Orleans causing much death and
sorrow 
What is Energy?
• Energy is the ability to do work.
• One way we use energy everyday is by cooking
and powering our cities with electricity.
• Reusable fuel would be air, water and sunlight
because they never run out…but non-reusable
fuel would be fossil fuel and nuclear. This is
because fossils are only made one way and
that way takes millions of years, and atoms
can only be split once.
Fossil Fuel
• Takes millions of years to make and is created
by decomposed and fossilized dinosaurs and
prehistoric animals
• One benefit of this fuel is that it gives us
• It affects our environment by giving off a
harmful gas call Co2
• The water cycle
• It will not pollute our Ozone layer which is a
• Gives us energy substituting electricity which
will keep our earth in a better condition.
Wind Power
• The wind blows the windmill causing it to spin
giving us energy to power our cities and
• Just as the hydro energy it will not pollute our
ozone layer.
• Also hydro power substitutes electricity
making our earth more green.
What is Recycling?
• Recycling: reusing and reducing recyclable
material usually thrown away.
• The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and recycle
• Paper, plastic, glass, cardboard and scrap
metal can all be recycled.
Why Should We Recycle?
• We should recycle to help the earth and keep
it more clean.
• Save money.
How Do We Recycle?
We recycle by:
• buying stuff at the store
•Finish using it and then putting it in the
recycling bin
•Garbage truck picks up bins
•Then the bins are brought to the factory being
burned and crushed
•After they are burned or crushed they are turn
into other recyclable material starting the
process over