Causes of Unbalanced Ecosystems

 Natural
 Unnatural
◦Global Warming
Increase in concentration of a pollutant
from 1 link in a food chain to another
Due to –
Bioaccumulation: increase in
concentration of toxins in an organism
or population
- DDT & Eagles
Even small amounts of toxins can make it into
organisms in high enough levels to cause
Pollutants have in common:
• Long – lived
• Mobile
• Soluble in Water
• Biologically active
• Heavy metals like lead & mercury
Removal of indigenous forests & woodlands
Results in:
• Alteration of Local and global climates
• Global warming
• Drier Climate (less plants, land holds less
• Soil Degradation (erosion & silting of water)
• Extinction/loss of Species
• Desertification
• Urban Development
• Increased Farming
Process where bodies of
water receive excess
nutrients that stimulate
excessive plant growth
- Especially
Causes of Global Warming
• Deforestation
• Pollution
• Natural Causes/Sources
Results of Global Warming
Ave. Temperatures have risen
Arctic Ice Disappearing
Coral Reefs Bleaching due to
warmer ocean
More extreme weather events
(wildfires, heat waves, tropical storms)
Glaciers Melting