Global warming

Made by
Garegin Azizyan
Form 8 B
School № 5
Global warming?!
We’ve got used to these words.
But what is there behind this
expression? After the last
summer heat wave we all had
suffered, the talks about
global warming have become
popular again.
There seems to be little doubt
that global warming is a real
phenomenon. Even the
greatest minds disagree,
though, about whether this
environmental change is
being caused by human
actions or whether it has
other natural causes. One
explanation is the
greenhouse effect.
While nobody claims that releasing chemicals into the atmosphere can
be harmful, not everyone is convinced that all the temperature
change is due to industrial activity. It’s an important question,
because a salvation can only be found once we understand exactly
what is causing the problem.
So scientists have different often quite opposite opinions on this
Moreover the others consider the sun activity influences the Earth
But I was struck to hear
some scientists speaking
about global falling in
temperature. What should
people do: buy air
conditioners or electric
heaters and warm
As far as I am concerned it is
global browbeating,
because a lot of
millionaires have invested
huge sums of money on
building various bunkers
for future survival.
 Who is getting an enormous benefit
from the process of global
browbeating? We don’t know, but I
am sure they exist. That is my
opinion, and while people and
governments have spent a lot of
money on looking into the course of
the problem, ordinary people have to
wait for and hope that everything will
be Ok.