Presentation on global warming and Bangladesh

Global Warming and Bangladesh
Department of Bangladesh Studies
What to discuss……………………….
1. Defining the term
2. Sources of global warming
3. Effects of global warming (Bangladesh
4. What can be done
Global warming: Global warming is an
increase in the earth's average
atmospheric temperature that causes
corresponding changes in climate and that
may result from the greenhouse effect.
Causes of Global warming……………………
Mainly the emission of green house gases
Sources of Green house gases
1. Industries
2. Transport
3. Fossil fuel
4. Power station
5. Agricultural by products
6. Deforestation
7. Green House
Sources of global warming
1. Variation in
Sun’s energy
2. Bushfires
3. Volcanic
Effects of global warming on Bangladesh
On nature
1. Temperature rising
2. Ice melting
3. Land submerging
4. Sea level rising
5. Habitat loss
6. Recursive disaster
7. Salinity
On human
Effects of global warming on Bangladesh
On nature
Due to recursive disaster
Migration &
of 27 million
Affected People: 15 %
salinity in coastal areas
On human
1. Habitat loss (17 %)
2. Migration problem
3. Loss of agriculture
What can be done ???????
What can be done ???????
Afforestation and reforestation
What can be done ???????
Use renewable solar energy
What can be done ???????
Use the wind power
What can be done ???????
Don’t use old vehicles
What can be done ???????
Reduce population growth
Save the EARTH
And Be Respected