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An Introduction to Katz Media Group
March, 2011
About Katz Media Group
Katz Media Group is acknowledged to be the industry leader in providing innovative,
effective media marketing solutions
 We work with candidates and political agencies to most effectively employ local radio, local
television and digital assets in their advertising plans
 We create, sell and execute local radio, local television and digital advertising
We are the exclusive national sales agent for 4,000 local radio stations, 550 local
television stations and hundreds of digital assets across the U.S.
 We have close ties to broadcasters and publishers and unparalleled knowledge of the most
effective uses of local broadcast media
 Our client portfolio consists of the nation’s leading broadcast companies, including but not
limited to CBS, Citadel, Clear Channel, Cox, Greater Media, Emmis, Entercom, Hearst, Radio
One, Scripps and Sinclair
 Digital assets include Pandora, Katz Online Mobile, Display and Data Segmentation
Our Portfolio
Our represented radio stations reach over 130 million people each week
Our revenues represent 95% of total U.S. national spot radio ad expenditures
Access to 4,000 radio stations, 550 television
stations and their related assets in every
major market
Message integration across station hosted
digital audio platforms
Depth and breadth of stations and formats
to satisfy any advertiser parameters
Access to over 1,200 hours of live local
television news every day
Diverse demographic and lifestyle networks
to meet customer targets & demographics
- Demographic
- Multicultural
- Specialty
About Katz Media Group
Katz Media Group is not an advertising agency
 Our services are available at no cost to political consultants, candidates and agencies
 You simply pay for the advertising time/space
Katz Media Group employs the industry’s largest, most seasoned team of radio,
television and digital experts who service key political and issue-based
advertisers/agencies, including but not limited to:
Great American Media
Smart Media Group
Media Ad Ventures
Buying Time LLC
National Media
How We Do It
Katz Media Group offers consultants, candidates and political agencies consultative
and sales services in three main stages:
 Assessment
 We work with you early in your planning process to learn about your media goals and challenges
 Strategy
 We develop strategies that are:
 Creatively effective – those tactics that will allow you to achieve maximum impact
 Highly targeted – connecting to your target audience, from the broadest to the narrowest segments
 Segmented by geography, demography, psychographics, any mix of criteria
 Implementation
 We execute, from soup to nuts, any/all aspects of the plan
The breadth and depth of our portfolio of broadcasters/publishers allows your to reap
the benefits of a national approach on a local level!
Tools & Tactics
Katz Media Group can maximize the impact of your media campaign by integrating a
wide range of cutting edge tools and tactics, including:
 Mobile technology
 Text messaging
 On-Air Tactics
 Feature sponsorships, take-over times, triggered messaging
 Online Tactics
 Local radio and television station website
 Online audio streaming
 Multimedia Platforms
 Local radio, local television
 National network radio
 Digital assets
 Out-of-home advertising
Partnership Benefits
Local, multi-market execution and expertise
Single source contact for all of your planning and buying needs
Access to
Access to Candidata, a proprietary system for tracking political media usage
Simplified payment, billing and invoice reconciliation
 Electronic transfer of funds from agency to Katz Media Group assures stations of check-inhand status; no need for individual station checks
 Back-end reconciliation of all station invoices
 Provision of reconciliation summary, original station invoices and refund check for any
discrepant spots
 Simplified copy distribution process
 Katz Media Group can easily distribute single or multiple copy executions to all
participating stations