Minutes of Board Meeting, 3.7.2014

Minutes of Public Board Meeting for ℮³ Civic High, Inc.
Friday, March 7, 2014
8:00 – 9:30 AM
1855 1st Avenue, 3rd Floor, San Diego, CA 92101
In Attendance: Chairman Mel Katz, Secretary Joyce Gattas, Treasurer Steve Hawkesworth, Helen Griffith,
Virginia Merrifield, Alberto Ochoa, Veronica Ortega, Matt Spathas
Absent: Rebecca Smith, Dan Sullivan, Laura Andrews
Guests: Larry Tamayo
1. Meeting Called to Order
- Chairman Katz called the meeting to order at at 8:18 am
2. Public Comment
- None
3. Approval of minutes, February 7, 2014
- Chairman Katz requested a motion to approve the February 7th minutes
- Dr. Ochoa made a motion, Dr. Gattas seconded it
- Dr. Griffith requested an amendment to item number 3 on the minutes, to say “no meeting held due to
school not being session,” as the school was on Winter Break.
- It was approved unanimously
- Chairman Katz reminded the board that today marks the six-month anniversary of the school opening
4. Executive Director’s Report
a. Recruitment Update
b. Technology Implementation
c. Priorities for Prop Z Grant
- Congratulations to Chairman Katz for his term as Chair of the Library Foundation
- Enrollment: 248 (147 in 9th grade, 101 in 10th grade)
- Student Exit Interview Results: parental custody changes, no CIF sports, family move, transportation issues
- Going to hire for a Community Classroom Director, Business Manager, ELL Support, and IT Support
- New Student Orientation Sessions have been extended to every Wednesday through April 2014
- 2014-2015 lottery to be held April 18
- 2,811 mailers were sent out to 8th grade students in surrounding schools
- The school will add Montgomery Middle School to its recruitment area
- Thus far we’ve received 184 applications for the 120 open spots that we’ll have for 9th grade in 2014-2015
- Parent trainings, called Parent Institutes, are held every 3rd Thursday. Parent Coffee meetings held monthly
- Physics Teacher, Joe Acker, attended the CCSA Conference last week to learn and share best practices
- March 5, faculty attended an on-campus Apple Training to learn how to utilize Asynchronous Learning
Implementation Flipped Instruction
- We have until April 19 to get all of the school furniture and other 1.9 prop z funds assigned
- Planning a faculty study tour to Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA to learn more about flipped instruction
- CAHSEE boot camp sessions are happening on Tuesdays/Thursdays for 10th grade students
- Tuesday, March 18th we’re planning for 9th grade students to take a field trip to college campuses
- Prop Z Project Priorities are the following: studio furniture and blinds, common area furniture, office and
conference room furniture, audio package, nutrition kitchen, technology, outdoor signage and ground flooring
- Annual Site Visit from Charter Office will happen on April 9th.
Committee Reports
5. Governance Committee
a. Board Member Nominations and process
- Dan Sullivan, the Governance Committee Chair, was not in attendance to give report
Finance Committee
2013-2014 Budget
Ex Ed Updates
Charter School Revolving Loan Application
Audit Committee and Process
- Ginny Merrifield and Larry Tamayo are meeting weekly
- School is not eligible for the Charter School Revolving Application ($150k reoccurring)
- The school’s 501c3 status is still in progress
- School budget discussed (see handout “Cash Balance”)
- A school audit committee will soon be assembled, (see handout)
- By next Board meeting the committee will be assembled
Facilities Committee
Project Completion
- School cafeteria’s kitchen waiting on sneeze guard installation
Advancement Committee
Fundraising Schedule
- Grants are in progress, Sempra Energy
- Chairman Katz assured the Board that we’ll be able to raise the needed $300k by May
- Chairman Katz will be contacting a few organizations this afternoon
- Chairman Katz requested a motion to adjourn at 9:43am. Steve Hawkesworth made a motion, Virginia
Merrifield seconded it, and it was approved unanimously.
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