BNY Mellon Corporate Social Responsibility Fellowships

Memo To:
Katz MBA Students
Brett Crawford, BNY Mellon Foundation Research Grants
August 22, 2013
BNY Mellon Corporate Social Responsibility Fellowships
Two things are certain in MBA recruiting trends. Graduates need to have the skills to manage
and report on big data. And organizations are searching for candidates who understand the role
of social enterprise in creating value.
Katz, together with the Berg Center, provides MBA students with opportunities for hands-on
experience in corporate social responsibility to develop these skills and perspectives. The BNY
Mellon fellowships place students with a company, where the student is charged with assessing
the company’s CSR initiatives. The fast-paced assignment requires students to understand and
measure corporate social responsibility projects across a diverse area of industries, areas, and
functions. Students work under the direction of a Katz faculty member to complete the project.
The BNY Mellon fellowships advance Katz’s educational mission of preparing students who are
committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility and diversity in the workplace. In
our increasingly global economy, the companies that are succeeding are those who embrace
change and welcome forward-thinking approaches.
The fellows program is highly competitive and is open to all MBA students. Fellowships last one
year and students receive a stipend along with optional course credit. Applications are submitted
online in October, and projects are conducted from January to April. Project placements also
provide students with exposure to professional networking and cutting-edge thinking in the realm
of corporate social responsibility.
Our client list includes:
• Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC
• Mount Washington Community Development Corporation
• 3 Rivers Connect
• Allegheny County
• Sustainable Pittsburgh
If you are interested in applying for funding and have any questions, please direct them to
Professor Brett Crawford, email:
Submission deadline:
Thursday, October 31, 2013