Television and Children

Television and Children
Too Much TV!
TV and Children
Affects are a HUGE concern
 Both positive and negative affects
 A part of children’s lives every day
TV and Society
3 stages of socialization
Average time spent in
front of tv: 38.5 hours
a week
-watching tv, movies,
videos, and playing
video games
 Amount of tv watched
at different life stages
More Shocking Statistics
57% of children 8-16
have a television in
their bedroom
 The average American
child is exposed to
20,000 30sec.
commercials each year
By the end of
elementary school,
children have seen
8,000 murders and
over 100,000 acts of
violence on tv
Motivation of TV Characters
Children are influenced by what motivates the
characters on their favorite shows
 Of the elementary age characters on TV:
-53% are motivated by peer relationships
-36% by sports and hobbies
-27% by romance
-24% by family relationships
-16% by society or community
-15% by school related issues
-1% by religion or spirituality
Negative Effects of Television
on Children
3 Major Effects of Seeing
Violence on Television:
Children may become less sensitive to
the pain and suffering of others
 Children may be more fearful of the
world around them
 Children are more likely to behave in
negative ways towards others
Other Negative Effects
 Sexual Conduct
 Living Standards
Positive Effects of Television
on Children
Positive Effects
Enhanced intellectual
-math skills
-reading ability
 Lasting effect
 Increased social skills
-empathy, selfesteem, sharing
Educational Shows
Can you tell me how
to get…how to get to..
 Sesame Street
 For primary grades
 Enhances:
social skills
Other Educational Shows
More Educational Shows
Role of Parents
Be realistic
 Take responsibility
 Rules
 Alternatives
Thank You!
Good luck teaching!