Ⅰ. System Introduction

간지 Ⅰ. 시스템소개
Autoway Groupware User Manual
Ⅰ. System Introduction
| System Introduction
Ⅰ. System Introduction
• Groupware is the most commonly and frequently used system by all employees.
Most business related information, and other useful information can be obtained with user-friendly
designed groupware. Hence, more efficient business support and more active communication
could be accomplished through the new groupware system.
• E-Mail system is based on Newest Microsoft’s Exchange server and OWA (Outlook Web Access)
technology, which enables enterprise system security, integrity, stability, and speed.
Also, E-Mail system is integrated with Approval system, boards, and contacts.
Other new features of E-Mail system are Rules, Tasks, Junk E-mail, Preview, Shortcut menus, and
various options.
• For Approval system, global standard workflow process has been established, enabling parallel
processing, right delegation, free opinion support, and much more, enabling rapid and interactive
collaboration, cooperation, and decision support.
• Knowledge based business environment and administration are supported through Knowledge
Management system, enabling knowledge archiving, retrieving, and sharing. Furthermore,
knowledge workers can communicate useful information through communities, facilitating learning,
hobbies, and social services.
Autoway Future
• Autoway is an integrated and standard groupware system for Hyundai Motor Group.
Autoway is not for a single company, but for whole group companies, including overseas
corporations and related business partners.
Autoway will accomplish a remarkable ROI and synergy, conforming to EIP (Enterprise Information
Portal), and real ‘GROUP’ WARE, in the future.
• Autoway is not a completed system.
Autoway is an evolving system according as group members’ encouragements and advices.