Cinema Drive: a multi-sensory
educational program combating
teens' road accidents
Ami Mintzer
Vice-President, Educational Projects,
Life-Changing Experiences (LCE)
Ami Mintzer – VP Educational Projects
Who we are?
• Non-profit organization
• Initiated by the leading road-safety charity org.
in Israel
• Dedicated to addressing critical social issues
through multi-sensory educational experiences
• Alcohol and substance-abuse prevention
• Environmental protection
• Road safety
• Violence and bullying
• Good citizenship
• Nutrition and active lifestyle
• Targeting young drivers mainly, during the year
they get their driving license
• Addressing human factor: impaired driving,
distracted driving, fatigue, speeding, seat belt,
peer pressure
• Speaks to young people in eye-level, in their
language, using state-of-art technologies
• Evidence-based. Makes a real change in:
knowledge, attitude and intention to behave
• Built-in research tool
• Adopted by government in Israel and Mexico
• Ability to cover an entire age-group nationwide
or regionally
• Affordable – No more than the cost of a movie
• Wide coverage through MCP units