ICT 3 - Philippe Reynaert - Ideal-ist

Research Objective: ICT 3 – 2014: TOLAE
1. What are you looking for?
TOLAE: An emerging technology, the basis for advanced products in large area
electronics that are thin, light weight, flexible and/or stretchable
 Suitable for large market sectors such as automotive, health, ...
The Specific Challenge
■ Address the main technology barriers of TOLAE:
– Lack of more efficient and stable materials
– Lack of more complex TOLAE circuitry and functionalities
– Increase the performance of components and the integration level
– Improve route to manufacturability (reproducibility, yield)
■ Further develop the TOLAE value chain – become more application-driven
■ Pay attention to recyclability issues
Research Objective: ICT 3 – 2014: TOLAE
1. What are you looking for?
ICT3.a Research & Innovation TOLAE technologies and manufacturing processes
Focus is on:
Conformable / flexible / stretchable substrates
Advanced materials and technologies
Scalable manufacturing processes
17 M€
 Projects must be driven by user requirements with strong industrial and user commitment
ICT3.b Innovation Demonstrate innovative products enabled by TOLAE
15.5 M€
Aim is on building a dedicated innovation value chain, target medium- to high-volume markets
Should be driven by concrete business cases and take into account user needs
ICT3.c Technology Take-up and Innovation Support
3 M€
Access services to industry  targeting first users and early adopters, in particular SMEs for the
wider adoption and deployment of TOLAE technologies in innovative products
ICT3.d Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) Innovation through PCP
Target is public authorities for procuring textile solutions for health care applications
2.5 M€
Research Objective: ICT 29 – 2014:
Materials and systems for OLED lighting
1. What are you looking for?
Joint LEIT ICT and NMP action
ICT29 R&I Actions:
18 M€
Focus is on: Materials, process & device technology for OLED lighting.
Aim is to:
– Realise OLED devices over larger surfaces, with higher brightness,
larger uniformity and longer lifetimes.
– A demonstrator should be provided at the end of every project.
– Proposals should involve material suppliers, OLED manufacturers or
suppliers and OLED system integrators.
Research Objective: ICT 3 & ICT29 – 2014
2. Is this new or has it been called before?
Organic and Large Area Electronics have been called in call 7 (objective 3.6) and call 10
(objective 3.3). Manufacturing was part of the FoF call (objective 7.2).
New is Pre-Commercial Procurement (3.d).
3. Current project portfolio
Relevant projects are SUNFLOWER, X10D (IP projects on OPV), FLEXIBILITY, Flex-O-Fab,
ROTROT and TREASORES (on manufacturing) and COLAE (CSA project with OLAE
competence centres).
4. What do you NOT want?
Proposals on OLED are encouraged to submit under ICT26 -2014 (open system architectures
for SSL), ICT28-2015 (pilot line for OLEDs) and ICT29 -2014 (joint LEIT ICT and NMP action on
novel materials and systems for OLED lighting) specifically targeted to OLED.
Prototype development and demonstration under ICT 3.b is in smart packaging,
advertisement or sensing. Lighting and healthcare applications are not included.
Research Objectives: ICT 3 & ICT29 – 2014
5. Who are the leading players?
6. Is there a key group of actors or ETP driving this?
Key groups of actors are the technology platform Photonics21, Photonics Public Private
Partnership and the OE-A association. Leading players are members of these groups.
There are several competence centres on TOLAE in Europe and they are usually a
Research and Technology Organizations.
7. Are there any additional / background documents?
Strategic Research Agenda of Photonics21, OE-A roadmap