UniversityofUtah MRSEC 1121252 IRG

Spin Organic Light Emitting Diodes
T. Nguyen, E.Ehrenfreund & Z. V. Vardeny
Science 337, 204 (2012)
Objective: Develop and characterize
OLEDs based on spin-aligned carrier
injection of which electro-luminescence
(EL) is controlled by magnetic field.
Approach: Use ferromagnetic cathode
and anode that work as bipolar spinvalve injecting both electrons and holes
into a deuterated -conjugated polymer.
Results and Significance: Successful
spin-OLEDs were demonstrated having
orange EL that is manipulated by
magnetic field. The novel spin-OLED
may double the EL intensity of regular
OLED, and also control the device color.
Top: Schematic of a spin-OLED comprised of
LSMO and Co ferromagnet electrodes that
inject spin-aligned electrons and holed into a
deuterated polymer (DOO-PPV). Bottom:
photograph of a working spin-OLED placed
between the two poles of an electro-magnet.
Principal Investigators: Anil Virkar, Ajay Nahata & Brian Saam
NSF DMR 11-21252;