Innovative use of ICT in home economics

Cross curricular skill –
Using ICT
The innovative use of ICT using ICT as a tool to improve
learning in home economics
ICT skills
EXPLORE –access and manage data and information; research,
select, process and interpret information; investigate, make
predictions and solve problems through interaction with digital tools;
understand how to keep safe and display acceptable online
EXPRESS –create, develop, present and publish ideas and information
using a range of digital media; create information and multimedia
products using a range of assets.
EXCHANGE –communicate using a range of contemporary methods
and tools; share, collaborate, exchange and develop ideas digitally.
EVALUATE – talk about, review and make improvements to work,
reflecting on the process and outcome; consider the sources and
resources used.
EXHIBIT – manage and present their stored work; showcase their
learning across the curriculum.
Learning intentions
• to provide an opportunity for teachers to
explore the innovative use of multi media
• to show how video may be used as an ICT
tool for improving learning within home
• to emphasise the position of ICT in the
revised curriculum
The teacher is facilitating pupils to look in
detail at the planning, organising and
management of a food preparation task of
their own choice.
Cameras will be used as software to record
the process and make a presentation that
will instruct others in carrying out this task.
Can a picture paint
1000 words?
Link to Ratatouille video clip
Variety of instructional
• BNF or BBC video
• PowerPoint
BNF Soup(1)PP.ppt
• Photo-story (free download from
• Still photos with labels? NO!
What would be the Learning Intentions if you were
to use this idea with a class?
What is the role of the teacher?
Does this approach to learning, move forward the
work that you have already undertaken within the
revised curriculum?
What is required in your classroom to make this
• Which specific descriptor of the skill did
you focus on in this activity?
• How did the activity contribute to the
development of this skill?
• How does this skill contribute to the
learning in your area of learning/subject?
• What evidence do you have for your
• How might the activity be improved?