Evolving ICT into Computing Secondary

Farewell to ICT?
Evolving ICT into Computing
Session Objectives
• Consider what ICT means today.
• Review the recent Computer Science “noise.”
• Look at the new National Curriculum for Computing.
• Identify the things that stay the same.
• Discuss approaches to the things that are new.
What does ICT mean today?
Digital Literacy is more than one hour per week.
The rate of change is fast!
The rate of change is fast!
Can we keep up? Should we keep up?
The Computer Science “noise”
Your IT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software, but
gives no insight into how it's made.
That is just throwing away your great computing heritage.
The New Curriculum
• What is in a name?
• A step in the right direction?
• Where did ICT go?
• Too much, too soon?
What’s in a name?
A Step in the Right Direction?
• The way computers work hasn’t
changed (and won’t, for a while)!
• Gives a deeper understanding of the
tools we use every day.
• Computational (logical) Thinking
helps Problem Solving.
Where did ICT go?
Where did ICT go?
At Key Stage 3, pupils should be taught to:
What’s New?
A range of devices…
Computer Programming at KS3
Prescriptive Computing Content
Too Much, Too Soon?
Are we ready for this?!
1. What are we already doing in school that meets this
new curriculum?
2. What objections do we have to the content of the new
3. If we accept the new curriculum, how do we deliver it?
• Do we need training?
• Do we need resources?
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