MS BI Professional Certifications

MS BI Professional Certifications
Alternative to GMAT/GRE
Why Professional Certifications?
• Dean has already reviewed our proposal and AACSB allows certifications
as an alternative to GMAT/GRE
• Certifications are not considered to be surrogates for the GMAT/GRE
– Rather they are like the CPA and CFP exams to the accounting and finance
– All MS BI courses are now offered by DSS only
• Certifications/exams are domain specific and hence relevant performance
indicators for an MS BI program applicant, and not appropriate for an MBA
applicant or other MS student.
• We seek to more than satisfy AACSB requirements; each certification is
reviewed by our entire department and agreed upon as an effective
measure. If we find any certification to be questionable in nature, we do
not include it on our list.
• We do not accept vendor- or –product specific certifications
– i.e., from Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, SAP
Professional Certifications*
for MS BI
APICS Certified in Production & Inventory
APICS certifications are recognized worldwide as
standards of professional excellence and quality
within the manufacturing and service industries
APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional
Certified Business Intelligence Professional
Offered by The Data Warehouse Institute & Institute
of Computing Professionals
Certified Information Technology Professional
A Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)
is a CPA recognized for their technology expertise
Professional Engineer Certification
Thee National Society of Professional Engineers
(NSPE) likens professional engineering licensure to the
bar exam for lawyers
Project Management Certification
PMI administers a globally recognized professional
certification program – ISO 9001 certification in
Quality Management Systems. PMP credential
process received ISO 17024 certification.
Six Sigma
Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and
methodology for eliminating defects in any process –
from manufacturing to transactional and from
product to service
*CPA, CFP also accepted