SWOT Analysis

Lampros Yannouchos
Commercial Corporate Director
Introducing Alumil S.A.
„ Parent company was founded in 1988 and since 1998 is listed in the Athens Stock
„ 26 subsidiaries, 20 of which in Europe, Asia, the M. East and in the U.S.A.
„ 14 Production sites: in 4 Greek industrial areas, in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia
and Albania.
„ Sales network includes 45 markets in Europe, Asia, the M. East and in the U.S.A.
„ More than 2,200 Alumilers working for the Group.
Alumil International Presence
Introducing Alumil S.A.
„ The largest aluminium extrusion group in S. E. Europe
„ Among the top five suppliers of aluminium system profiles for architectural use in
„ Awarded 8 times from GrowthPlus’ Europe’s 500, as one of the top 500, fastest
growing, leading corporations for its contribution to European economy and
employment growth.
Introducing Alumil S.A.
„ Distinction from Great Place to Work Europe® Organization, among the companies
with the best working environment in Europe for 2004.
„ International Growth Award KOUROS (2000), for Leading Performance in the
International Business Environment.
„ Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards ‟ 1999, 2001, 2003 & 2004 ‟
due to sound exports, investment activities and constant employees growth in Greece
& Internationally.
Global selling
„ Local markets’ characteristics / Differences & similarities with “home market”
„ Local clients’ profile identification (consumers’ habits, consumer behavior, buying
ability etc)
„ Local Marketing activities (penetration, brand awareness, etc)
„ Local Markets structure (competition, legislation, etc)
Global selling
„ Distribution channels (wholesale , retail, warehousing)
„ Specialized services for large projects.
„ Enforce presence in the Gulf Area, in Russia & the wider Black Sea area and in the
„ Create new products, for industrial applications, automotive and photovoltaic systems,
to grow further sales in Western Europe.
International Key drivers
There is no common rule for management and decision making in a global
environment ‟ flexibility and adaptations is a “must”
Main issues :
„ Understanding local market characteristics from country to country and from area to area
„ Detect all possible “particularities”
„ Adapt the product and sales “offer” / but to which extend ?
„ Elaborate on and implement appropriate strategies
„ Establish local sales force and sales administration.
International Key drivers
However, all Local versions of sales strategy should be in accordance with
and maintain the principles of
„ Corporate Goals
„ Brand positioning
„ Reporting system
„ Control
International Operation
Further success factors are:
„ Acceptance of local “particularities” from (headquarters) and the local company
„ Mother company has to accept that in local markets local solutions should be possibly
„ Positive commitment and engagement from local administration to develop and apply
local solutions
C.S.F for Internationalization
„ Products that are global brands (patents, certifications, awareness)
„ International business culture (owners, managers)
„ Flexible distribution channels (local adaptation)
„ First class in-house expertise to set up industrial plants and distribution channels (organic
C.S.F for Internationalization
„ Focus and concentration on core-business
„ Participate in the “international stage” of the sector
„ Capitalize on new-market opportunities (S.E Europe, M. East, India, China)
„ High competitive sector at head-quarters
How to Remain International
„ Corporate procedures and clearly defined structures in the group
„ Information infrastructure and control
„ Developing and maintaining a commonly shared corporate culture
„ Overcome multi-culture problems in Human Resources
How to Remain International
„ Transfer local best-practices across the group (horizontal communication channels)
„ Flexible and pro-active to market changes and opportunities
„ Continuous training and corporate learning
„ Organized support from the state/embassies
Managing global selling
„ Strict criteria for Personnel selection
„ Training and continuous improvement
„ Remuneration and awards system
„ Relationship with Headquarters
„ Information transfer
„ Internal knowledge management system
„ Capitalization on local success cases
International challenges
„ Partner with “key decision makers”
„ Undertake challenges
„ Learning competencies
„ USA : Particular Certification needed / very high standards
„ Middle East : Complete Project Management approach (specialized engineering sales force,
support, customer service, certifications)
„ Balkans : Low-end markets in penetration stage but rapidly upgrading
„ Germany : Hi-end Architectural (strict Certifications) / large Industrial commodity market as
„ France : Extreme customer satisfaction needed / benchmark on customer service
International Sales & Support
„ A large engineering group (50+) that supports any large construction project in more than
30 countries
„ All the systems are certified by International Institutes (IFT Rosenheim) and patented by
„ Collaboration with top construction companies, architects and designers (I.e. Porsche)
We Build the Future
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