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Nadia Elena Comăneci , born in November
12, 1961, is a Romanian gymnast, winner of three
Olympic gold medals at the 1976 Summer
Olympics. She is also the winner of two gold
medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics.
Nadia began gymnastics in
kindergarten with a local
team called "Flacara",
with coaches Duncan and
Munteanu. Nadia was
training with the Károlyis
by the time she was 7
years old, in 1968. She was
one of the first students at
the gymnastics school
established in Oneşti by
Béla and his wife. in 1970,
she began competing as a
member of her hometown
team and became the
youngest gymnast ever to
win the Romanian
 In 1971, she participated
in her first international
competition, a dual
junior meet between
Romania and
Yugoslavia, winning her
first all-around title and
contributing to the team
Nadia first major
international success
came at the age of 13,
when she nearly swept
the 1975 European
Championships in Skien,
Norway, winning the allaround and gold medals
on every event but the
floor exercise, in which
she placed second. The
international community
took note of Comăneci:
she was named the
United Press
International's "Female
Athlete of the Year" for
A year later in Montreal, she
became the first gymnast in
Olympic history to be
awarded the perfect score of
10.0 for her performance on
the uneven bars. She went
on to record the perfect 10.0
six more times and became
the youngest all-around
Olympic gold medallist ever.
Comăneci is active in many
charities and international
organizations. In 1999, she
became the first athlete to
be invited to speak at the
United Nations to launch
the Year 2000 International
Year of Volunteers. She has
also personally funded
the construction and
operation of the Nadia
Comăneci Children's
Clinic, a clinic in
Bucharest that provides
low-cost and free medical
and social support to
Romanian children.
She and her husband own the Bart
Conner Gymnastics Academy, the
Perfect 10 Production Company and
several sports equipment shops. They
are also the editors of International
Gymnast magazine.
In the world of
gymnastics, Comăneci
is the Honorary
President of the
Romanian Gymnastics
Federation, the
Honorary President of
Romanian Olympic
Ambassador of Sports
of Romania and a
member of the
Gymnastics Federation