Romanian Honorary Consulates in UK Dr R*zvan U

Promoting Romania’s economic and political interests with local governments, press, political leaders.
Identifying economic stakeholders in the consular district and facilitating the development of
economic and commercial relations between Romanian and British companies.
Providing information about the Romanian opportunities and business environment.
Promoting effective cooperation between representatives of the local Romanian communities.
Facilitating dialogue and cooperation between local communities and Romania.
Dissemination of information about Romania to the local communities and the press.
Offering assistance and guidance to Romanian Citizens in extraordinary circumstances.
Recommending solicitors in support of Romanian persons and Romanian entities in the context of
judicial and administrative proceedings taking place within our consular district.
Promoting Romanian cultural values in the areas of activities.
Promote enhanced cooperation between Romanian and British universities.
Do not involve State authority such as:
- the granting of Citizenship,
- issuing of visas and passports,
- civil marriages,
- issuing judicial papers or
- receiving taxes for services.
Honorary Consuls do not receive:
- Wages
- Expenses
- Any other income
Honorary Consuls fund all the activities related to their functions from own or alternative sources.