Ms. Lavinia Moiceanu

The relations of cooperation from the
Black Sea region
Lavinia Moiceanu
• Themes of research
• Organizations from the Black Sea region that
promote the cooperation
Future perspectives
Themes of research related to the process of
• BA in European Studies, license on EU construction and institutions
• Internship at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department
for Western Balkans and Regional Cooperation
• MA student on History and Practice of International Relations,
University of Bucharest
• The fields of interests are represented by international relations, EU
foreign policy and relations with other organizations
Organizations from the Black Sea area that
promote the cooperation
• BSEC- Organization for the Black Sea Economic
• SEECP- the South-Eastern Europe Cooperation Process
• CEI- Central European Initiative
• Organizations that also involve the Danube region
Future perspectives
• The states look towards their future in the terms of a common
security and cooperation in the Black Sea area.
• Solutions for the future can be found through a deeper approach of
the term of cooperation, both among the states and the
organizations involved in the region.
• The Romanian and Bulgarian integration represented big steps on
the way to continuing the cooperation process, to the convergence
of the regional interests and to the development of the relation with
the EU.
• The cooperation between the countries from the Black Sea region
becomes more and more important, as the area finds itself at the
crossroads of Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
• The regional organizations play a major part as they continue the
past 20 years of cooperation by reshaping their connections and
their projects.