Toward a Paperless Classroom - Forest Hills School District

Toward a Paperless Classroom
John A. Cook
Technology Coordinator
Computer Science Teacher
Turpin High School
Forest Hills School District
Digital Handouts & Assignments
• New Challenges
– How to Teach: PowerPoints, Online Texts …
– How to Distribute : Network, Web, E-mail?
– How to Grade: Office Inking, Spreadsheets …
• New Benefits
– Improved Navigational Skills
– Better Hierarchical Skills (drives, folders, files)
– Less time at Copier & Saving trees
The Digital Classroom (Ideal)
Teacher computer connected to Projector
Each Student with own Computer
Network with shared, public Drive
School Web site with Teacher/Class pages
Student E-mail accounts w/ Digital Locker
Course resource materials on CD & Computers
Classroom Printer, Scanner, WebCam
Students computers able to use Projector
Computer Lab (Realistic)
Students may have to share Computers
Teacher leads activities verbally
Sharing of files through disks, flash drives, etc.
Paper handouts still necessary
Students have personal E-mail account
Textbooks supplemented by Web research
Shared Printer and file storage locally
Assignments printed to turn in for grading
Objectives - Overview
• Distribute reading material, handouts, study
guides and assignments electronically
• Students turn in assignments/projects to be
graded by teacher and returned in folders
• Tests and Quizzes taken on the computer with
prompt grading and feedback
• Understand strengths and limitations of
computer network and create solutions
Create Teacher/Class/Student folders on a
public network drive or web storage site
Set Permissions for teacher and student
users (Building Tech or Tech Coordinator)
Students copy files and read materials
posted by teacher on computer screen
Examples include: WORD documents scanned
pages, web sites, digital texts, PowerPoints, etc.
Teacher delivers lessons electronically
via projector and multimedia
Teacher places worksheets, study
guides & assignments in class folder
• Students copy materials to their folder on
network, add name, header, etc., SAVE document
• Students complete requested items and SAVE
changes by DUE date.
• Turn in documents with name on file in correct
folder for class assignment (drag & drop).
• (Example: Mary Smith CH4RevQs in
CH4assignments folder)
• Teacher moves folder on Due Date to their own
Network drive (Late Folder option).
Teacher grades items (ink if possible)
and posts grade on ProgressBook.
Assignments given back to students via
assignment folders on public drive
Student learning reinforced using
software Project presented in class.
Paperless Classroom Tips/Tricks/Trials
• Grading this way is NOT EASY at first, but persist
and you will adapt
• You need to be tuned into students and their
activities: they will try to cut corners
• Require your students to put their name on all
documents, files and folders
• Need to be creative about naming folders, files,
assignments, etc.
• Full adoption of this may be impossible, but some
may help both you and kids.
Use File-Properties to check created &
modified dates (to within a second).
I said: Toward a Paperless Classroom!
Toward a Paperless Classroom
John A. Cook
Technology Coordinator
Computer Science Teacher
Turpin High School
Forest Hills School District
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