Seventh grade Life
Science -goals
Provide a supportive environment
Rigorous, engaging curriculum
Develop academic language
Develop conceptual
Active discourse
Robust assignments
Uncovering misconceptions
CSTA vision statement
• The California Science Teachers
Association describes science as “an
extension of everyone’s natural
curiosity and permeates our lives.”
National, State, and Core
science standards
• The course and textbook are aligned to
reflect a standards-based curriculum.
National Standards
• National Standards are designed to
encourage all students to learn science,
develop scientific habits of mind ~ to
become scientifically literate.
• New National Standards are currently
being reviewed.
California State Standards
• The State Standards promote
participation in lab investigations,
conducting research, and analyzing and
representing data.
• Personal responsibility
• The 7th grade focus promotes personal
responsibility, encourages open
communication, and establishes
effective study habits.
Homework Expectations
• Homework is assigned Monday through
Thursday;Monday and Tuesday night’s
assignments are due the following day
Homework website
• The 7th grade Life Science website is a
valuable tool for monitoring your son’s
or daughter’s assignments
Tests 35%
Lab assignments 25%
Quizzes 20%
Journal 15%
Homework, participation, lab conduct
Communication tools
• Binder reminder
* Life Science website -(access through Hall
website) course outline, grading policy,
homework, resource pages, link to on-line
• Phone 927-6978 ext 2201
• E-mail [email protected]
Six Steps to Academic Success
Be organized
Manage your time
Create success in the classroom
Read effectively
Study smart
Stay connected
Thank you!
• The seventh grade Life Science
students thank the PTA and SPARK for
contributions that support the