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Help Wanted:
Working to end the
worst forms of child
labour and child slavery
Worst forms of Child Labour
OR Child Work
• Defining each term
• Quiz: In the “Chat Box” type your
(school) name and your answer.
Example 1
A 13 year old girl works for 9 hours
in a brick making factory but is still
able to go to school one day a
week. She lifts heavy loads but is
building her muscles and learning
how to work.
Example 2
A 12 year old boy works on his
parents farm for 2 hours each
evening after attending school
during the day. He picks weeds,
waters the fields, and feeds the
Example 3
A 10 year old girl goes to school for
only 4 hours per day, then spends
the rest of the day working with
her father cutting tobacco leaves
for the person who controls all the
land near their village
Example 4
A 14 year old boy begins working
on a boat where he is paid a little
money but must work long hours.
He is then sold to work on another
boat owned by fishermen from
Thailand. He had no choice in the
Example 5
A 13 year old Canadian girl is asked
by her parents to do the
household laundry and wash the
dishes 3 times a week. She goes to
school each day.
Dorcas: A child miner in the
Democratic Republic of
Mining with her family
Dangerous health impacts
Possibly missing an education
Hopes for the future
126 million children doing
dangerous work
• That’s nearly 4 X the population of
3D Jobs: Dirty, Dangerous,
and Degrading
• Dorcas is doing dirty, dangerous, and
degrading work.
• Other examples of 3D jobs.
• Please use the “Raise Hand”
button to get our attention.
Artisanal Mining in the DRC
• Dorcas – an artisanal miner
• A BIG industry
• Seen as normal work
Will boycotts and tougher
regulations solve the issue?
• A lesson from U.S. legislation
• Our work with companies
World Vision’s Approach to
Child Miners
• An overall development approach
• How child sponsorship helps
Child Labour in
the Cocoa
Video clip of Abdul (see chat box)
A victim of child trafficking
Working 80-100 hours a week
Our connection
Creating Protective
Environments for Children
• Please share how we can go about
protecting children like Doris and
Abdul from working in 3D jobs?
• Please use the “Raise Hand”
button to get our attention.
• Safety skills
• Participating
in community
• Education
• Parent(s) have
• Family and
ensure safety
• Laws and polices
• Good justice and
social system
• Business and
organizations do
their part
• Crisis safety
Help Wanted:
Working to
End Child
Shopping for Change
• Choose FairTrade chocolate
• Monitoring for Child labour
• Farmers earn a fair wage
Help stop child Trafficking
Sign our petition telling PM Stephen
Harper to create a plan that addresses
child trafficking both here and in other
Download the petition and get other
students to sign it.
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June 1st)
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